Teen Performing Arts and Rec Center - Gloucester County, NJ

Fallout Shelter 511

Join us at an upcoming teen benefit concert!!

Share your talent or hang out at an upcoming event -- come see us on 12/13/14 for a Christmas party!!! Images from past Chritmas parties: 2012, 2011

Welcome to Fallout Shelter 511 Online

Musical, Vocal, Garage Bands, Artistic, Photography, Painting, Computer Graphics, Dance, Poetry, Song Writing, Drama... Want to showcase your talent? Need a great place to hang out?

Read more about us and mark your calendar for upcoming events. Please check back again soon - we'll be adding more pictures and information. Be sure to check out Fallout Shelter 511 on Facebook and click the "Like" button to keep on top of updates. We are just getting started and hope you will join in on this exciting experiment and celebration!